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Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile World Congress
February 25-28, 2013
Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to the Mobile World Congress Marketplace!
Mobile World Congress is the world's largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry, featuring mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world. 1,500 exhibitors and 70,000+ visitors are expected this year.
If you are a non-U.S. Buyer, this site will facilitate your search for U.S. Exhibitors and allow you to schedule meetings with those you select. All suppliers participating in the Marketplace are ready and willing to export their product overseas. Schedule an appointment today!
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9SLIDES (Booth No: Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1L2)
9SLIDES is cloud based platform to serve video presentations on most of the devices in very interactive and engaging format.
AOptix Technologies, Inc. (Booth No: Hall 1 Stand 1EMR.A3)
IntelliMax MB-2000 offers mobile backhaul 2 Gbps with carrier class availability to 8 km. This solution operates in the heaviest rain and fog conditions at the maximum data rate. This high end wireless solution offers 3 performance advantages: • Multi-gigabit data rates on any tower platform • Longest distance wireless transport for 2 Gbps • Automated precision alignment within minutes. (Booth No: 8.1L2)
appnique provides App Store Optimization or App Store SEO functionality through its web based SaaS product for mobile app publishers and marketers. In addition, appnique also enables app publishers to discover and research competitors, track and monitor competitive activity and receive alerts about factors that might adversely impact product performance.
Asentria Corporation   (Booth No: 6C92)
Asentria solutions, in addition to reducing the cost of operating wireless networks, provide a wireless network operator with a host of monitoring, access, and control options for their remote wireless sites.
bMobilized Inc (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6C70 )
bMobilized delivers a platform for converting existing websites to HTML5 mobile sites/web apps. Online tools and plugins for customization. Subscription based service for small and medium sized companies. Full white label partner solution with API integration. Automatic mobile converter is also offered as service to email providers, search engines and directories to convert outgoing links.
Capital j Media LLC (Booth No: Attending)
Capital j Media produces and sells mobile and PC based video game software as well as offering video game, film & tv production services to clients around the world.
Case Mate (Booth No: Suite at Hotel Torre Cataluyna )
Case-Mate is one of the world’s leading mobile accessories brands, designing fashion-forward cases for smartphones, tablets, readers, and MP3 players. Working with top international designers and using cutting-edge materials, Case-Mate has created an extensive collection of the most stylish smartphone cases in the world by continually to explore new colors, textures, and materials.
Charge Anywhere (Booth No: Hall 7 Stand 7A51)
Diametriq, LLC (Booth No: Hall 5 Stand 5G63)
Diametriq's Diameter Routing Engine™(DRE) includes a Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), a Subscription Locator Function (SLF) and a Diameter Interworking Function (IWF).
DryWired (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6G94)
DryWired™ is a Los Angeles based technology firm and the leading licensee of a revolutionary European protective nano-coating technology, which makes virtually any surface resistant to water, oil and corrosion. Our focus is to work with major mobile electronic manufacturers, distributors and operators to help them expand their portfolio of products by offering water resistant electronic devices.
ElementN Inc. (Booth No: Hall 7 Stand 7H44)
Back end as a Service for mobile network operators Cloud technology
F5 Networks (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6E120)
F5’s product portfolio is suitable for all MNOs. F5 solutions enable MNOs to optimize and monetize their networks and help MNOs to improve network efficiency and deliver services more cost-effectively with the consolidation of service functions and greater visibility of subscribers and applications. F5 provides carrier-grade purpose-built hardware and software as well as virtual editions,
Inovar (Booth No: Hall 5)
Inovar provides solutions for mobile network operators worldwide. We have an innovative and attractive solutions portfolio and an extensive customer base around the globe. Inovar offers an unparalleled suite of IN and IMS based voice and data solutions —solutions that increase revenue, boost network traffic, enhance customer loyalty, and capture and retain high-value customers.
LogMeIn, Inc. (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6E91)
LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) provides essential cloud services to individuals, businesses and IT organisations for remote access, collaboration, customer care, and remote IT management. These services are used by millions of people to quickly, simply and securely connect over 150 million internet-enabled devices across the globe — computers, smartphones, and iPad™ and Android™ tablets.
Loksak Inc (Booth No: Hall 5 Stand 5H11)
Protect your electronics in aLOKSAK bags and maintain full use of every touch screen application. Our clear, pliable, inexpensive, resealable, certified 100% water/air/ dust and humidity proof bags allow all touch screen devices to work 100%. Imagine the endless possibilities of a bag that is certified waterproof to 200 feet!
MediaFriends (Booth No: Stand: Hall Congress Square Stand CS50)
International texting (SMS) and messaging services over IP in the cloud
Medio (Booth No: 8.1L2)
Medio enables business to better acquire, retain and monetize their mobile users. Our predictive solutions enables businesses to acquire higher value customers and improve both their retention and lifetime value by providing predictive insights and a personalized mobile experience.
MobiWork (Booth No: App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1G12)
MobiWork is a software company specializing in Smartphone and Cloud based Mobile Workforce Solutions for field sales and services and logistics. Our business mobility solutions improve productivity, information exchange and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive mobility solutions are deployed in minutes, highly customizable, integrate with existing software, and reflect best business practices
Neptuno USA, Corp (Booth No: Stand 6E121)
NEPTUNO USA, CORP provides solutions for carrier’s telecom civil construction, Tower and Site related needs, including Asset Management Services, barcoding and Inventory. NEPTUNO USA also provides value to international customers, by evaluating and reselling USA made Tower Accessories such as Signalling Systems, Grounding and fall protection equipment amongst others.
Neustar (Booth No: Visiting)
Neustar offers Operational, Networking, and Marketing Solutions to TSPs. Our business is to help TSPs: increase efficiency, optimise networks; identify, locate, and evaluate valuable customers; safeguard assets against fraud and abuse. Our solutions focus on: streamlining provisioning, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, optimizing service and gaining market advantage.
ONPAGE (Onset Technology inc) (Booth No: Stand: Hall Congress Square Stand CS50)
OnPage is an enterprise grade, Priority messaging/ pager replacement application on Smartphone such as: with features such as: - Consolidation of Devices, Confirmation of Delivery and Read, Continuous Alert & Repeated delivery – Never lose a message. Full reply/initiate-message capabilities, Secure service, Full audit trail, Enterprise grade quality, Global with cellular data or WiFi
OpenMobile World Wide (Booth No: Attending)
OpenMobile is the creator of a game-changing technology known as ACL™ - Application Compatibility Layer. ACL is a powerful technology that enables any Android application to run on non-Android systems. We also offer a powerful content store. The powerful combination of the enabling technology; ACL and the content store, gives any new entrant, OEM or carrier a ready made mobile ecosystem.
Openwave Mobility (Booth No: 1EMR.E8)
Openwave Mobility empowers mobile operators to manage and monetize the growth in mobile video and web traffic. By analyzing the data network and individual subscriber habits, it reduces congestion exactly where it appears while creating new revenues through personalized data plans.
RootMetrics (Booth No: 8.1L2)
RootMetrics accurately measures comparable consumer experiences across major mobile networks and 4G-enabled devices with off-the-shelf consumer smartphones. With this information, network operators can diagnose issues and optimize networks, improve customer experience and retention efforts, and bring trust to MarCom campaigns with third-party claim validation based on real consumer experiences.
Salbec, LLC (Booth No: Stand: Hall Congress Square Stand CS50)
consumer products
State of Oregon (Booth No: Stand 8.1B52)
For the purpose of "matchmaking" I would be interested in talking with foreign firms about Oregon as a location for their U.S. operation.
SundaySky (Booth No: App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1E41)
SundaySky is the creator of SmartVideo, delivering compelling, personalized, real-time video experiences that effectively engage people at every step of the customer lifecycle. Our platform generates hundreds of thousands of SmartVideos daily that target prospects, convert prospects to customers, support customers and enhance customer relationships.
Syniverse Technologies (Booth No: Hall 2 Stand 2B70)
Tryon (Booth No: Visiting)
Software development services with specialties in mobile app development and cloud services.
UIEvolution (Booth No: App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1L2)
UIEvolution is the global leader in cross-platform solutions for Enterprise customers. Creating rich, cross-platform native experiences on all devices and screens, UIEvolution is dedicated to evolving customers’ digital business to better support the fragmented landscape of screens and devices.
uTest Inc. (Booth No: Stand: Hall Congress Square Stand CS50)
uTest’s community of more than 70,000 professional testers in more than 190 countries put mobile, web and desktop applications through their paces under real-world conditions. uTest also offers mobile quality tool, Apphance, and sophisticated mobile app analytics tool, Applause.
Vesta Corporation   (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6E91)
Viafo (Booth No: 8.1L2)
Viafo makes it easy to create, manage and monitor mobile applications and integrate different services into your existing applications. With our web based technologies; brands, carriers, developers and organizations can connect to a wide variety of social and web APIs and enable easy creation of a mobile presence.
Washington State Dept of Commerce (Booth No: App Planet - Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1L2)
Software and hardware for the telecom industry inlcuding mobile applications and embedded software for cars. Machine to Machine (M2M) is a robust area of engineering capability in our state.
WildTangent Inc. (Booth No: Hall 2 Stand 2MR138)
A global games service and advertising network accessible via mobile Android devices and PCs.
Xceed Technologies (Booth No: Hall 6 Stand 6E96)
Xceed Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions for wireless network deployment, optimization, operation, and maintenance as well as technology migration.
Yelp (Booth No: Visiting)
Yelp is a local search & discovery application for mobile phones. Yelp helps local businesses connect with local consumers

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