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Arab Health 2013

Arab Health
January 28-31, 2013
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Welcome to the Arab Health Marketplace!

The largest and most prestigious medical technology and equipment show in the Middle East, Arab Health offers you a unique spectrum of products -- from electromedical equipment/medical technology, laboratory equipment, diagnostics, medical services and publications, physiotherapy/orthopedic technology, information and communication technology, and commodities and consumer goods.

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Accu-Chart Plus Healthcare Systems Inc. (Booth No: 2A55)
Machines to package all types of medications in unit dose with barcodes, barcode systems, medication/supplies dispensing systems, pharmacy and inventory software.
Advanced Back Technologies, Inc. (Booth No: 1E53, 1F54)
Manufacturer of products for treatment of back & neck pain
Airon Corporation (Booth No: 2B34)
Airon manufactures respiratory products for Hospitals, MRI, air transport and Emergency Medical Systems. Products include neonatal, pediatric and adult pneumatic ventilators with CPAP and Face Mask CPAP systems.
Alpha Source, Inc. (Booth No: 1F13)
American Hospital Management Company (Booth No: PZD18)
Founded in 1998, AHMC is an international healthcare company based in Washington D.C., focused on the administration, management, and development of world-class hospitals and healthcare systems. AHMC delivers integrated management services and total solutions designed to achieve clients business objectives.
American Plastic Technologies (Booth No: 1F39)
We are an engineering and manufacturing company. We help supply complete turnkey factories. We manufacture the machinery necessary for I.V solutions manufacturing factories, Water bottling plants, Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, Dialysis solutions manufacturing plants, Disposable syringes manufacturing plants,. We also manufacture Blow Fill Seal machines, Autoclaves/sterilizers,Incinerators.
American Society for Clinical Pathology (Booth No: MH 33)
To partner with medical laboratories and educational institutions seeking to certify their medical technologists, lab scientists, and lab staff. The ASCPi credential certifies professional competency among new and practicing laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety.
Ampronix (Booth No: 1F50)
Ampronix is a provider and developer of innovative medical imaging solutions and peripherals for healthcare professionals all around the world. Since 1982, Ampronix has been the leading resource for PACS displays, Clinical review displays, Surgical and Patient monitoring displays, Recorders, Printers, Media, Cameras, Digitizers, DICOM, Scan converters, X-ray tubes, Carts, Mounts & more.
Andover Healthcare Inc. (Booth No: 1F32)
Andover Healthcare introduces CoFlexTM Unna Boot Kits with Calamine or Zinc, a 2-step level of comfort and healing unlike any other Unna boot on the market! Latex-free, the product is comfortable on the patient and easy to apply by clinicians. Made in the USA.
AOTI Inc. (Booth No: PZCO1)
Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy Products for Chronic Wounds
Bio-Med Devices (Booth No: 1H50)
Ventilators used for transporting neonates thru adult patients. Air/O2 blenders
Brooklands Incorporated (Booth No: 2A36)
Two Non-Contact Thermometers, for use in both the clinical market and the retail market. 100% Non-Contact, just place the thermometer 5-8cm away from the center of the patients forehead, press and release the scan button and their temperature will instantly be displayed.
Centurion Service Group (Booth No: 1F03)
Chart Inc. (Booth No: 1H38)
Clinton Industries Inc (Booth No: 00)
Clinton manufactures an extensive line of furniture and equipment used in various medically related environments. Clinton products are functional, high quality, durable and cost effective. Products include tables, stools, cabinets, carts, stands,phlebotomy chairs, physical therapy and bariatric products. Clinton has a broad "green"product line which helps improve indoor air quality.
CMI (Booth No: 1E53)
Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Advertising and Strategic Marketing, B2B B2C Strategic Medical Consulting Services, Digital - iPad/Tablet/Mobile Development, SEO/SEM/SMM,Website Development, Digital Marketing Solutions, Web-based Advertising and Marketing, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Specific Social Media, Multimedia – video, podcasts, webisodes, Exhibits – displays and tradeshows
CMI (Booth No: Booth # 1E53,1F54 )
CMI: Advertising Agency, Biotechnology Marketing, Life Science Marketing, Social Media Consulting, Healthcare Advertising, Brand Management, Licensing/M&A Support, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing to physicians, Services: Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Advertising (PPC), Logos, Direct Mail / Postcards, Newspapers & Magazines, Radio & TV, Video, Media Buying, Publicity / PR.
Codonics (Booth No: 1H30)
Codonics provides the medical industry with some of the most advanced medical imaging and patient safety produts in the world. Our mission is to improve healthcare for patients and providers, and lower costs through improved safety and efficiencies. Our products are widely used in hospitals, imaging centers, mobile applications and government facilities with tens of thousands of installations.
Conmed Corporation (Booth No: 1E33)
Manufacturing ,Marketing of wide range of Surgical/Medical products for multiple medical ,surgical specialites -Arthroscopy, Electrosurgery, Endoscopy, EndoSurgery, Gastroenterology, Integrated Systems, Patient Care, Powered Surgical Instruments and Pulmonology
Control-X Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 2A52)
Manufacturers of Hospital Grade Human, Small Animal and Equine X-ray Systems and Components. Utilizing high frequency generators and the state of the art technologies for both Analog and Digital Imaging Systems and Components Control-X offers you a wide range of products to choose from..
Curative Medical Inc (Booth No: 1H39)
Curatives’ products include angiographic diagnostic catheters, PTCA/PTA balloon catheters, infusion Port, bi-level noninvasive ventilators for home and hospital, ambulatory sleep diagnostic equipment, CPAP, AUTO CPAPs and ventilator masks
Del Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 1H11)
DEL MEDICAL, Inc. is a leading source of innovative radiography products with over eighty years in the medical imaging business. It is primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of high performance digital and analog medical imaging systems which are sold and serviced through a global network of authorized and factory trained dealers
DemeTech Corp. (Booth No: E50)
Surgical sutures, blades and skin staplers
Dynamis Skin Sciences Inc (Booth No: 00)
Dynamis make innovative anti aging, anti wrinkle skin care products. MEG21 Products have been sold in the USA for over 5 years through high end spas, dermatology clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics and high end spas. We have completed several clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products. Our formulation was discovered as a result of researc in diabetes.
East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp (Booth No: IE53)
Manufacturer and provider of custom orthotic devises Designing of custom orthotic devices to support and correct musculoskeletal functions Complete range of upper and lower limb prosthetic devices. Myoelectric upper limbs, micro processor-control knee-shin system, suction/pin suspension system and light-weight composite materials Watch link:
FareTec Inc. (Booth No: PZD10)
FareTec Inc. is a manufacturer and export agent for prehospital, emergency medical supplies. We specialize in immobilization, emergency transport and IFAK kits in the military and civilian markets. Products include: CT-6 leg traction device, FastSet-3 Utiltiy splint, LifeBox50 climate controlled transport containers, Bolin Chest Seal, Responder Compressed Gauze and many others.
Fillauer Companies (Booth No: 00)
Fillauer manufactures orthotic and prosthetic products with a wide range from pediatric to adult components. Fillauer also manufactureres equipment, tools, and accessories that are used in the fabrication of Orthotics and Prosthetics.
Firefly Global (Booth No: 2A57)
Wireless Video Otoscopes, Digital Dermatoscopes, Digital Iris Scopes
First Wave Technologies, Inc. (Booth No: 1E54)
First Wave provides two revolutionary products: (1) Anesthesia machine for critical care ventilated patients with automated fresh gas flow, improved accuracy of dosing and complete patient isolation not found alternatives, (2) The FIRST CRUSH automated pill crusher generates 200%+ finer powder with ability to crush, mix & serve from the same consumable for improved accuracy
Guided Therapeutics (Booth No: 1G01)
LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan, a non-invasive device designed for the painless early detection of disease that can lead to cervical cancer
Hausmann Industries, Inc. (Booth No: 1H35)
Hausmann manufactures Medical and Therapy Equipment/Furniture. Products are reliable, innovative, functional and designed for the performance and safety of the physician, therapist and patient. Hausmann Industries – providing quality healthcare products, manufactured in the USA. Our goal is to “Make It Easy” to do business with Hausmann.
Hollywog (Booth No: 1G57)
HOLLYWOG introduces WiTouch - the worlds first Remote Controlled Wireless Back Pain medical device for anyone suffering Back Pain. This Class II device is FDA cleared for Over the Counter sales in the USA.
HydroWorx (Booth No: 0)
Hydroworx produces warm water therapy pools with adjustable floors and integrated underwater treadmills. Children, Athletes, Neuro Patients, Orthopedic rehabilitation patients and Seniors benefit from treatment in our pools. NASA, Cleveland Clinic, Kennedy Krieger, Manchester United, Chelsea, Hyundai Football Clubs, Cheshire Wellness Centers, Notre Dame University are among our elite customers.
Hydrox Labs (Booth No: 1F39)
Health Care products and Beauty Supplies
Immco Diagnostics (Booth No: MH 19)
InBios International Inc. (Booth No: MH 12)
InBios develops and manufactures highly sensitive and specific ELISA and rapid tests for infectious diseases such as West Nile, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Leishmaniasis, Scrub Typhus, Chagas, Strongyloides, Rickettsia, and Leptospirosis. InBios’ team is also ready to lend our 25 years of expertise to your next assay development or contract manufacturing project.
ITA-MED Co. (Booth No: 1E15)
ITA-MED is an established USA manufacturer of the following high quality medical support products: Graduated Compression Hosiery, Orthopedic soft goods, Maternity & Women's Health Supports, Sports - Medical Braces . Our products have medically correct designs, made from natural, breathable materials and very comfortable in hot climates. Our prices are very competitive and affordable.
J.D. Honigberg International, Inc. (Booth No: F38 US PAVILION)
We are an Export Managment Comapny, selling " Made in USA" Products all over the world for the last 20 + years, and represnting about 20 U.S. manufacturers. See Website:
Labo America Inc. (Booth No: 1H58)
Labo America provides a modular line of microscopes from the elementary level to fully extendable systems for laboratory and surgical suites.
LKC Technologies, Inc. (Booth No: 1H55)
RETeval: LKC’s new transformational diabetic retinopathy screening device. It provides an immediate result assessing retinal function and its correlation to sight threatening retinopathy with high sensitivity and sensitivity. This inexpensive device is non-mydriatic, non-invasive, battery powered and hand held providing an objective result in less than three minutes per patient. Now CE marked!
Lumedx; Cardiovascular Information Systems (Booth No: email or call cell- booth below)
LUMEDX is the only vendor delivering the comprehensive, integrated cardiovascular imaging, information and analytics solutions that Adult and Pedi Cardiology department demands—with seamless connectivity to your HIS systems. Our solutions facilitate workflows for every modality in your CV suite and beyond: Cath, ECG, EP, Echo, Nuke, Vascular, Surg, CT/MR, Ix Rad, Disease Management and more...
MDF Instruments USA Inc. (Booth No: 1E54)
stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, digital blood pressure monitor, percussion hammers, infrared theremometer
MedGyn Products,Inc. USA (Booth No: 1F 39)
Medtrica (Booth No: 00)
Medtrica manufactures durable and disposable foam and fabric medical products direct to end user, for OEM and for Private Label. Disposable products include products for cleaning & protecting equipment such as dry & presoaked Cleaning Sponges, Bedside Cleaning Kits and Tip Protectors. Durable products include therapeutic & standard mattresses & pads for Hospital Beds, Surgery Tables & Stretchers.
Meridian Synapse Corporation (Booth No: 00)
export trading/purchasing company
Mueller Sports Medicine Inc. (Booth No: 1E01 U.S. Pavilion)
Natus Medical Inc. (Booth No: D10-1)
NovaProbe Inc. (Booth No: 2B39)
NovaProbe, Inc. manufactures a range of medical products such as LED Light sources, XENON Light sources, Insufflators and Instruments used in Endoscopic surgery. The products are marketed and sold directly to doctors and hospitals through NovaProbe appointed distributors. The company is marketing its products internationally.
Now International (Booth No: 1F19)
NOW International is the export arm of NOW Foods, the #1 brand of vitamins and dietary supplements in the Health Channel in the United States. NOW Foods has the largest line of natural health products in the industry. From vitamins and dietary supplements to organic foods, sports nutrition and cosmetics, NOW Foods products empower people to live healthier lives in over 70 countries worldwide
Oricare, Inc. (Booth No: 2A19)
Oxygen Generating Systems International (Booth No: 1F52)
Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) designs and manufactures oxygen generators and complete lines of on-site plants with outputs from 15 (7.5 LPM) to 5000 SCFH (5tpd). OGSI offers complete oxygen cylinder filling plants (CFP's) with capacities from 1 to 180 cyls. filled per day. Also available are Mobile Oxygen Generating Systems. Units are customizable in trailers, carts, to name a few.
Peripheral Visions Inc. (Booth No: MH 38)
Manufacturer of parts and consumables for clinical chemistry analyzers.
Perucssionaire Corp. (Booth No: PZD14)
Medical devices for treatment of patients with acute and chronic respiratory insufficiency
Pointe Scientific (Booth No: MH 31)
Manufacturing a comprehensive line of clinical chemistry reagents, controls, and calibrator/standard products since 1981, has made our products perfect for institutions both large and small. Products manufactured for: • Cardiac Function • Clinical Chemistry • Diabetic Profile • Enzyme Immunoassay • Hepatic Function • Lipid Profile • Metabolic Function • Renal Function • Urine Chemistry
Propper Mfg. Co., Inc (Booth No: 1E53)
Sterilization Indicators, Chemical Indicators, Biological Indicators, Bowie Dick Tests, Class 6 Indicators, Integrators, Steam Sterilization Monitoring, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization, Dry Heat Sterilization Indicators,
RADIOLOGY- Planning (Booth No: 1E19)
Our architectural firm specializes in the planning and design of imaging and therapy equipment facilities for healthcare, research, and industrial applications. We can provide consulting and design services directly to the end-user, or work in collaboration with existing design and construction teams to help streamline facility design and construction for complex and expensive medical equipment.
Reimers Systems, Inc. (Booth No: 1H54)
Reimers Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Hyperbaric, Hypobaric chambers in USA. We also make Breathing Simulators, Oxygen Generators. Diving and SAT systems. All our chambers are custom make to suit customers requirements.
Rhema Scientific Inc. (Booth No: MH 37)
We offer a complete line of healthcare products which include but not limited to medical/hospital products, laboratory products, research products, veterinary products & personal care products. These include equipments & consumables with majority products manufactured in USA.
ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions (Booth No: 1H15)
Smart Medical Technology (Booth No: 1F39)
The Liftaem was the winner of the Chicago Innovation Awards in the healthcare field for 2010. The product holds a patient up to 1,000 lbs, is radiolucent, latex-free, and single patient use disposable.
Southwest Technologies (Booth No: 1E 34)
Simple wound care solutions that are bacteriostatic and fungistatic, guarantee patient comfort, and assures superior healing outcome. Elastogel is in fact an effective substitute for hydrogels, hydrocolloids and foam dressings. Applications are multiple from dermatology, to surgery and plastic surgery, pressure ulcers and eschars, diabetes and tropical lesions.
Stat Medical Devices Inc (Booth No: 2B36)
Design, develop, manufacture and distribute both home-use and clinical blood sampling devices & insulin pen needles.
Summit Medical Products (Booth No: 00)
Summit Medical Products, Inc. is finding better ways to care for people with the ambit® Electronic Infusion Pump. The ambit® Pump is a sophisticated solution that allows for a safe and volumetrically accurate infusion for your post operative pain management.
Trans American Medical (Booth No: 1f-39)
Specialize in surgical instruments, dental instruments, podiatry instruments, and ophthalmology tools.
Typenex Medical (Booth No: #1F39)
Typenex is a medical device company focused on transfusion safety products. We offer a suite of solutions that help reduce blood transfusion process errors associated with patient or specimen misidentification. Typenex also enhances safety and efficiency for technicians in the clinical laboratory (blood bank and hematology) with our laboratory safety device portfolio.
Verathon Medical (Booth No: 1E12)
Verathon manufactures easy-to-use products designed to help medical professionals improve healthcare. Those products are supported with excellent customer service. The company’s BladderScan® bladder volume instruments are accurate, reliable and portable ultrasound devices. The innovative GlideScope® video laryngoscopes offer a consistently clear view of the airway, enabling quick intubation.
Xodus Medical Inc. (Booth No: 1H34)
Operating Room Accessory Products; Trendelenburg Positioning Kit (Pigazzi Pad), Spinal Positioning Kits; Anti-Fog Solution; Cautery Tip Cleaners; Emesis Bags; Electrosurgical Products; Patient Positioning Products; Light Handle Covers; Surgical Skin Markers; Needle Counters; Medication Labels; Safety Scalpels; Sponge Counting Bags; Magnetic Instrument Transfer Drapes
Zynex Medical Inc. (Booth No: 00)
Medical products: Stroke Recovery, Pain Management, EEG and PSG diagnostics. Female incontinent recovery device

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