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November 14-17, 2012

Dusseldorf, Germany

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The world's largest and most prestigious medical technology and equipment show, MEDICA, offers you a unique spectrum of products -- from electromedical equipment/medical technology, laboratory equipment, diagnostics, medical services and publications, physiotherapy/orthopaedic technology, information and communication technology, and commodities and consumer goods.

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A/C Diagnostics LLC (Booth No: 3 / D29-10)
ACON Laboratories, Inc. (Booth No: 2 / A17)
Advance Medical Designs, Inc. (Booth No: 7.0 / A25)
Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. (Booth No: E32-13)
ABM has two divisions: Neurotechnology and Advanced Sleep. Each group designs and validates novel diagnostic devices and targeted treatment solutions. Our technology engineers specialize in the development of interfaces that can be easily applied by the user without assistance to obtain neuro, cardio, respiratory signals equivalent to the those obtained in the laboratory.
Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. (Booth No: 5 / D35)
Aggredyne Inc (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Aggredyne's AggreGuide is a patented, simple, fast, and inexpensive blood test that can measure how sticky (aggregable) platelets are and how well a patient's anti-platelet medications are working, allowing physicians to personalize their patient's anti-platelet therapy. The AggreGuide A-100 is CE Marked and is being made available worldwide.
Airon Corporation (Booth No: 16 / C05)
Respiratory life support ventilators and transport CPAP for hospitals and EMS
ALCOR Scientific Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C20-2)
Allied Healthcare Products is a U.S. manufacturer of FDA approved respiratory medical devices and immobilization products with over 60 years of experience in the industry. Our products are produced in an ISO13485:2003 facility and we carry the capability to apply the CE mark to the products we produce.
Allwin Medical Devices (Booth No: 7.0 / B40)
Manufacturer of Single Use Medical Devices for 1) UROLOGY 2) GASTROENTEROLOGY 3) RADIOLOGY 4) GYNECOLOGY (IVF PRODUCTS).
Amarex Clinical Research, LLC (Booth No: 16 / C18)
Full service Clinical Research Organization. Services include conducting clinical trials, regulatory affairs consulting, data management, medical writing, biostatistics, QA.
Amed International LLC (Booth No: 13 / D57)
Amed International LLC was established in 2010 and has since been engaged in the export of Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments worldwide. Our extensive highquality product range at very affordable prices makes buying from us very attractive. Today amed feels proud to be part of an industry that has been serving the Healthcare for over a quarter of a century.
American Screening Corp is a USA and global manufacture/distributor of rapid drug test and point of care testing devices. Our products are FDA, CLIA Waived, Health Canada, and CE marked for international sales. Please visit our website at, call at 1-866-526-2873 or
Andover Healthcare Inc. (Booth No: 16 / E10-13)
Andover Healthcare introduces CoFlexTM Unna Boot Kits with Calamine or Zinc, a 2-step level of comfort and healing unlike any other Unna boot on the market! Latex-free, the product is comfortable on the patient and easy to apply by clinicians. Made in the USA.
Apira Science, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D05)
Atlas Link, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D35-1)
Manufacturer forvarious types of Medical diagnostic test kits for home and clinical use such as Fertility tests, Infectious diseases, Drug of Abuse, Urine reagents, and Cholestero and Glucose screening
Awareness Technology, Inc. (Booth No: 2 / A15)
Awareness Technology® manufactures Biochemistry, ELISA, and ISE analyzers, and luminometers for small to medium-sized labs, along with ReQuestTM immunoassay kits, and Dexall immunoassay and allergy kits. All are made in USA and distributed worldwide.
Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
AZTEC Heart LLC (Booth No: 16 / C04)
AZTEC: A "USA BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ACCREDITED BUSINESS"! Aztec heart products were created by a Heart By-Pass patient. They provide patient comfort and pain relief. This permits medical staff to allocate care for more critical patients when required.
Bay Corporation (Booth No: 16 / E32-4)
DISS fittings; Quick-connects: Chemetron-type, Ohmeda-type, Puritan-type, Schrader-type; Medical grade hose; Hose assemblies; CE-marked hose assemblies; Filters; Pipe thread fittings; High pressure connections & pigtails; International fittings: NIST, DIN, AGA, Afnor, SIS, & JIS.
Best of New England State of Connecticut (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
BioAssay Works, L. L. C (Booth No: 3 / C46-1)
BioAssay Works offers concentrated gold-sol nanoparticles and lateral-flow, rapid assay development services.
Blossom Mexpo International Inc. (Booth No: 5 / B18)
We manufacture high quality of latex, nitrile, and vinyl medical-grade examination gloves.
BrighTex Bio-Photonics (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Skin Diagnostics instrumentation for Research and Development / product testing/ product formulation/ product sales and marketing for the cosmetic industry.
CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Catalina Cylinders (Booth No: 16 / E20-12)
Cell Marque Corporation (Booth No: 3 / C46-4)
Centurion Medical Products Corp. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Centurion Medical Products develops unique products designed to improve both provider and patient outcomes.
Cephasonics Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Cephasonics is a horizontal technology provider to the ultrasound industry. We provide complete configurable embedded subsystems enabling OEMs to quickly and easily develop any ultrasonics based product. We also sell innovative, high-performance, low-power modules and ICs for ultrasound.
Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D35-3)
Chembio Diagnostics Manufactures and Sells Medical Diagnostic Point of Care Tests for the Rapid Detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) including HIV 1/2 and Syphilis in Blood and Oral Fluid
Codonics Inc. (Booth No: 9 / A46)
Codonics provides the medical industry with some of the most advanced medical imaging and patient safety produts in the world. Our mission is to improve healthcare for patients and providers, and lower costs through improved safety and efficiencies. Our products are widely used in hospitals, imaging centers, mobile applications and government facilities with tens of thousands of installations.
Complete Medical Services (Booth No: 16/ E10-5)
Industry leader for refurbished bone density equipment. With the largest in-stock inventory of equipment and parts for all models from GE and Hologic. Providing full solutions to our dealers for sales and service training support.
Contech Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
Disposable Medical Products Manufacturing specializing in Cardiovascular Coils/Dispensers (guidewire, catheter, stent).
Contour Products, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D04)
We offer proprietary, solution-based sleep, comfort and support items including foam bed wedges, seat and back cushions, lumbar supports, specialty head and neck pillows, leg pillows, mattress elevators and toppers and CPAP comfort and comfort and convenience accessories. Our feature rich products help to properly align the body for overall comfort and improved well-being.
Cool Blaze Products Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D18-11)
Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera is the latest technology in First Aid treatment of burns including sunburns. Our Product includes Sterile Burn Dressings, Burn Gel, First Aid Speciality Burn Kits and Fire Blankets. Thick Odorless Gel formulated with Aloe Vera that will Cool and Soothe skin surface exposed to Burns.
Cramer Decker Medical (Booth No: 16 / E10-11)
Cramer Decker Medical and MERET products is a global supplier of medical respiratory, emergency response bags, and compressed gas equipment that serves patients and consumers in multiple markets. This growing market offers great opportunity and we are seeking additional international distributors to represent these brands and products.
CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
CranioRehab provides rehab and therapy products for the head, neck, face and jaw. We specialize in jaw stretching and trismus prevention for patients with head & neck cancer, radiation therapy, TMJ disorder, facial trauma, and post-surgery. The OraStretch press is a jaw motion rehab system that provides stretching to prevent loss and increase motion of the jaw and mouth.
Cryofab, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / E32-11)
Cryofab, Inc. is a manufacturer and service provider of cryogenic equipment and accessories for all liquid cryogens. Custom fabrications, OEM fabrications, and a full line of standard containers, vessels and accessories, depict our product mix. Manufacturing capabilities include: Vacuum Vessels Tanks Containers Chambers Pressure Vessels Cold Gas generators Cold Traps Transfer Lines
Digicare Biomedical Technology, Inc. (Booth No: 9 / D66)
Dynex Technologies Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D45-7)
Automated processors for ELISA/immunoassays. Consumables and service for Dynex instruments. Multiplexing technology.
Emergency Bed System (Booth No: 16 / C04)
United Industry, LLC manufactures the patented EBED system, a fully portable platform that converts from a simple cot to a medical treatment bed, field workstation or mass fatality rack. EBED systems are used for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and during events where hospital capacity is overwhelmed.
Eng3 Corporation (Booth No: 16 / D32-4)
Eng3’s NanoVi™ device is used for health, anti-aging and performance. It relies on a drug-free process called 'bio-identical signaling' to influence cellular activities. NanoVi™ devices are used to counteract oxidative stress damage associated with chronic diseases, aging and over exertion.
Epitope Diagnostics, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / C46-7)
ETC Sterilization Systems (Booth No: 16 / E20-11)
New EO, cGMP and steam sterilizers, control systems, upgrades for pharmaceutical, life sciences, contract sterilizers entities for various applications
Excite Medical (Booth No: 16 / E06)
The DRX9000 is a non-invasive non-surgical spinal decompression table. We are the exclusive contract manufacturer and worldwide distributor. We are able to refurbish older Axiom DRX9000 machines as well as manufacture new machines for domestic or international sale.
Fitzgerald Industries International (Booth No: 3 / J19)
Fitzgerald Industries International is the premier provider of over 45,000 highly purified Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies, purified Antigens, ELISA Kits and Specialty Research Products. Our product classifications include CD's, Cardiac Markers, Cytokines & Growth Factors, Drugs of Abuse & TDM, Fertility & Pregnancy, Hormone/Steroids, Infectious Diseases, Neuroscience, Tumor Markers & more.
Golden Bridge International, Inc GBI (Booth No: 3 / D15-6)
GBI Labs is a manufacturer of high quality detection kits for Immunohistochemistry application. GBI provides over 200 different products including 1-step polymer-HRP or AP kits (Polink-1), 2-step polymer HRP or AP kits (Polink-2 & Polink-2 Plus), and biotin-streptavidin HRP or AP kit (SPlink & APlink) for mouse, human, rabbit, goat, chicken, rat, sheep, guinea pig, Armenian Hamster antibodies.
Guided Therapeutics (Booth No: 16 / D18-8)
Guided Therapeutics, Inc. has developed a rapid and non-invasive test for the early detection of disease that leads to cervical cancer. The new technology is designed to provide an objective result at the point of care thereby improving the management of cervical disease. Unlike Pap and HPV tests, the device does not require a painful tissue sample and results are known immediately.
Gulf Fiberoptics, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C05)
Gulf Fiberoptics is a premier manufacturer of fiber optic medical products located in the United States. We offer fiber optic light cords for rigid endoscopy, flexible light bundles for OEM and third party repair for flexible endoscopes, surgical headlights, and range of light sources.
Health Enterprises, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D40-6)
Ear Wax Removal Syringe, saline Ear Irrigator, Neti Rinse nasal & sinus rinse kit, all natural Head Lice removal kit, Nature's Tears Eye Mist for dry eyes, After Swim ear drying sponge, pill boxes & dosage droppers
IMMCO Diagnostics, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / C30-16)
IMMCO produces autoimmune disease diagnostics and related components.IMMCO’s lab services division offers testing for autoimmune diseases, immunopathology, and immunogenetics.
ImmunoReagents (Booth No: 16 / D10-11)
Affinity purified polyclonal antibodies used in life science research and in vitro diagnostic markets. Primary antibodies directed against cardiac markers, cancer, human serum proteins, and hormones. Our newest marker is Goat anti-Cystatin C (cardiac/renal). Extensive line of secondary antibodies and conjugates, cross absorbed to provide excellent specificity for multi-labeling experiments.
Innovative BioSystems, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Interactive Motion Technologies, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / E26-13)
see below
International Biomedical, Ltd. (Booth No: 16 / E26-9)
International Immunology Corporation (Booth No: 3 / C16-1)
IIC is dedicated to providing quality bulk polyclonal antisera and certain human serum based controls and calibrators to be used as a raw material for further manufacture in diagnostic reagent testing kits. We offer custom animal contract services in addition to our catalog product lines.
IQ Designs (Booth No: 3 / D15-12)
IVEK Corporation (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
J.D. Honigberg International, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D40-8)
JD Honigberg International, Inc offer US made medical equipment for the emergency sector such as respiratory equipment, emergency carts, resusication equipment. In the Radiology sector we offer imaging tables, x-ray protective equipment, bone densitometer, Contrast Medica & IV fluid warming devices. For hospital furnishing sector we have exam tables, stretchers, chairs, carts stands & tables.
Keiser Co. (Booth No: 4 / K51)
Longterm Medical US, LLC (Booth No: 16 / E10-12)
We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co., Ltd and as such, are the exclusive North American distributors of products manufactured by our parent corporation. We distribute Advanced Wound Care, Wound Care and Ostomy products in the US and abroad.
Luxtel LLC (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Medical and surgical illumination products; xenon and LED based.
LW Scientific (Booth No: 16 / D10-3)
LW Scientific is a manufacturer of microscopes, centrifuges, and other laboratory equipment. Our proprietary Lumin LED Fluorescence systems offer safe, portable, affordable epi-fluorescence options for any laboratory situation.
Mar-Med Co. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Our Tourni-Cot product is a single use exsanguinating digit tourniquet. Tourni-Cots make it safe and easy to create a bloodless field during procedures on fingers and toes. Emergency physicians, podiatrists, hand surgeons, plastic surgeons and others around the world have used the Tourni-Cot for the past 20 years.
Medcorp International Neotech Products (Booth No: 16 / E40-14)
Neonatal,endotraceal tube holders,sterlizing organization, vein fining devices
MedGyn Products Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C20-5)
MedGyn designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-quality diagnostic medical devices (incl. disposables), instruments and medical equipment to satisfy the needs of leading gynecologists globally. MedGyn’s specialty is to provide the tools for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cervical dysplasia and the equipment to aid in the diagnosis of uterine hyperplasia.
Medica Corporation (Booth No: 3 / A28)
Mercury Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C05)
Mercury Medical is a comprehensive health care company specializing in anesthesia, respiratory and critical care products and services.
MethodSense, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D10-11)
Provide regulatory and quality compliance services to companies globally for the commercialization of medical technologies. Provide a fully compliant (Annex 11 and 21CFR Part 11) software application for the management of regulated content.
MHP Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / E26-12)
MHP Medical is a world leader in Patient Positioning Systems
Midland Bioproducts Corp. (Booth No: 3 / D45-1)
Midland BioProducts is a primary producer of Polyclonal Antisera and Calibrators used in immunoassays for the quantification of human plasma proteins.
Nathaniel Group, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
A state-of-the-art Light Source for micro-endoscopes used in the medical and scientific industries.
Neurovirtual is a leading manufacturing for EEG and PSG devices.
North Carolina Department of Commerce (Booth No: 16 / D10-11)
North Carolina is home to the third largest cluster of biotech companies in the USA. NC plays a strong role in the global economy, thanks to our central location, motivated workforce, competitive business climate and quality of life. For these reasons, a wide variety of companies enjoy the advantages the state has to offer - from exporting their products to locating or expanding operations.
nSpire Health Inc (Booth No: 16 / E32-5)
nSpire Health is a leading provider of respiratory diagnostic products. nSpire continues to develop and provide Wright™ Respirometers, Pocket™ Asthma Management, KoKo® desktop Legend and PFT Diagnostic Spirometrys, PiKo® Lung Health monitoring device which is a miniature home lung health monitor for use for hospitals, community nurses and doctors clinics
Ogenix (Booth No: 16 / E04)
Medical device used in wound care. EPIFLO treats chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis, and pressure (decubitus) ulcers.
ONLINE Engineering Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D45-6)
ONLINE diagnostic culture media plate production equipment ranges from a single lane MiniSOLO™ dispensing system to an eight-lane system, and is designed to accommodate all types and sizes of dishes. We also offer automated filling solutions for dip slides, test tubes, and vials.
Optim LLC (Booth No: 3 / E64)
The ENTity LED NasoView Nasopharyngoscope frees you to perform nasal endoscopy and laryngoscopy virtually anywhere. Our patented, integrated LED light source eliminates cumbersome external light sources while providing exceptional visibility. The result is an endoscope as portable and easy-to-use as a stethoscope. So you can take the scope to your patients, wherever they are.
Oxyheal Health Group (Booth No: 16 / C04)
OxyHeal Health Group is formed of three companies in the healthcare field for over 42 years: OxyHeal Health Group Inc is a clinical services provider for high-dose oxygen partnering with hospitals worldwide OxyHeal Medical Systems Inc is a manufacturer of hyperbaric & tunnel-boring systems OxyHeal University is an accredited education provider in the Wound-Care and hyperbaric therapy field
Parker Laboratories Inc. (Booth No: 9 / D41)
Manufacturer of contact media for the transmission of ultrasound waves as well as conductive gels. We produce gel warmers and nonlatex probe covers for endoscopic procedures.
PCI Gases (Booth No: 11 / F47)
PCI Gases manufactures oxygen generators and associated equipment that produce medical grade oxygen for use in hospitals and disaster preparedness applications. We use a unique technology to generate the oxygen, called Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) which leads to significant operating and life cycle cost savings for the customer when compared to other technologies and modes of supply.
Pelfit Health and Wellness LLC (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Pelfit pelvic muscle exercisers treat Stress, Urge and Mixed incontinence by automatically performing 180 Kegal style exercises during a 15 minutes session Pelfit produce cordless easy to use home devices for the treatment of female incontinence. Pelfit have 3 home use models and will be introducing in 2013 a professional version for Medical professionals
PEPIN Mfg., Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
TENS & EMS electrodes as well as many other custom medical devices
Phamatech, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Phamatech, Inc. manufactures diagnostic medical devices used in both professional and retail markets worldwide. Our drugs of abuse and fertility tests are made in the USA, FDA cleared, CE marked, CLIA waved, ISO 13485:2003 and DSQ/CMDCAS certified. We are committed to manufacturing high quality products and providing exceptional customer service to the individuals and companies we serve.
Pointe Scientific (Booth No: 3 / C36-1)
Pointe Scientific has been developing, manufacturing and distributing clinical diagnostic products since 1981. We are a global leader in chemistry reagents, calibrators, controls and analyzers. As an OEM supplier, we also offer a full range of bulk chemistry reagents to top diagnostic companies around the world.
PolyGel L.L.C. (Booth No: 16 / D40-15)
Foot care: manufactured w/mineral oils, silicone & polyurethane polymer gels. Hypoallergenic, dermatological tested, safe for all kinds of foot problems. Protect, cushion foot/toes, condition skin, soften corn/callus. Skin care: hydrate & moisturize skin. Our gels incorporate natural botanicals & essential oils (avocado oil, green tea, vitamin A) to provide softening to rough skin.
Prizm Medical, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D10-3)
Medical Device Manufacture of Electro-Therapy Devices,"Intelligent Textiles for Medicine"
QBC Diagnostics Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D35-8)
QBC Diagnostics offers the world's only true dry hematology technology - a 9 parameter (2 part WBC differential) full blood count in less than ten minutes and no liquid reagents. In addition, QBC offers a complete line of fluorescent microscopy tools designed to give fluorescent microscopy technology to users in low resource or austere conditions and are designed for malaria and TB markets.
Quidel Corporation (Booth No: 3 / D29-15)
Influenza Tests RSV Tests hCG Tests Steptococcus A tests Point-of-Care Analyzer and Tests Clostridium Difficile Tests Chlamydia Tests H. Pylori Tests RDTs Lateral Flow Tests Diagnostic Tests for Infectious Diseases Rapid Tests Molecular Tests Cell Culture
R&D Medical Products, Inc. (Booth No: 4 / D26)
R & D Medical Products is Contract Manufacturer for Biotech Companies world-wide. Company develops, designs and manufactures all types of medical electrodes and hydrogels for O.E.M. companies.
RESPONSE ORTHO LLC. (Booth No: 16 / D18-5)
RMS Medical Products (Booth No: 16 / D18-15)
RMS Medical Products specializes in developing and manufacturing portable medical devices. We understand that healthcare professionals need products that they can depend on in critical situations - that will work every time. For patients, these products are often profoundly uplifting to their quality of life.
Scar Heal, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D04)
Scar Heal® a US Company and the choice of physicians worldwide, is the only company to offer 3 proven scar management technologies and advanced anti-aging products. Scar Heal the only choice for scar and skin treatment.
SCIFIT Systems, Inc. (Booth No: N/A)
SCIFIT produces a complete range of commercial equipment, the key products are the PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser, PRO2® Total Body Exerciser and the RST7000 Recumbent Stepper all featuring Fit-Key™ and our Intelli-Fit™ console. A desired feature by therapist for these unique products is the wheelchair accessibility. Also, SCIFIT is an ISO9001 company and has gained Medical CE Class IIa.
Scimedx Corporation (Booth No: 3 / D29-14)
IVD IFA, ELISA, Latex and Rapid assays for autoimmune, infectious, parasitic diseases.
Sensiotec Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D10-3)
Sharn Anesthesia, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / E06)
Sharn Anesthesia Inc, best known for the Crystaline temperature strips also offers many products for anesthesia and other departments. We offer a full line of patient monitoring products, eye protection for patients and clinicians, airway management products, and patient positioning products. We also offer a full line of instrument processing products for Central Sterile/Supply
Sidus BioData (Booth No: 16 / C18)
Sidus BioData provides secure, compliant data hosting solutions for the Life Sciences/Medical Device and Health IT industries. Sidus BioData is committed to the highest level of quality in the management, security, integrity and availability of regulated data. In addition, Sidus’ culture of compliance ensures all regulatory goals are met with our premium service offerings.
Sizewise (Booth No: 14 / A05)
Sizewise products are designed and built in the United States. Sizewise designs, manufactures and sells a diversified line of medical equipment from intelligent bed frames to mobilization and transport equipment to therapeutic mattresses. For more than 20 years, Sizewise product lines have been engineered to meet the needs of patients in a hospital or home setting.
Sleepnet Corporation (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
STARMEDIX LLC (Booth No: 16 / E20-4)
Statcorp Medical (Booth No: 16 / D04)
We offer a complete line of blood pressure cuffs and pressure infusion cuffs. Our reusable UltraCheck blood pressure cuff is a market leader with its fluid barrier and antimicrobial protection. The SoftCheck blood pressure cuffs are available in both soft and vinyl fabrics.
Stromatec, Inc. (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
SuperNova Diagnostics Inc (Booth No: 1 / C15)
SuperNova Diagnostics® has developed a powerful proprietary label technology called AmpCrystal® and with it, a solution for providing affordable qualitative and quantitative point-of-use testing for proteins, pathogens and nucleic acids. We are interested in meeting with companies, NGOs and other organizations to discuss partnering, licensing and co-development. We will be in # 1C15 in Hall 1.
TechTrade LLC (Booth No: 16 / E18-12)
TechTrade LLC is the sole manufacturer of Ready-Heat Disposable Warming Blankets. Our blankets prevent and treat hypothermia and shock and are used in rescue scenarios, emergency medicine, on the field of battle and in hospitals. They're easy to use, air activated, portable, US Military Medical protocol and a cost effective solution to patient warming.
Teco Diagnostics (Booth No: 3 / E60)
Manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostics and medical devices; ranging from urinalysis to clinical chemistry reagents and instrumentation.
The Baker Company (Booth No: 3 / D15-1)
The Baker Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of contamination control, biosafety equipment, and air containment technology. Products include biological safety cabinets, clean benches, pharmacy isolators, animal research equipment, fume hoods, clean air enclosures, anaerobic and hypoxic chambers.
Thera Togs, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / C04)
A patented FDA registered and CE compliant Class I Medical Device and whole body dynamic soft Orthotic system for correction of posture and torso alignment and neuromotor retraining
Tidi Products LLC (Booth No: 16 / C04)
TIDI Products, LLC. is a leading global manufacturer of single-use medical, dental, veterinary and OEM products. An extensive offering of disposable products includes protective eyewear, facemasks, exam gloves, isolation gowns, exam paper, patient apparel, drape sheets, towels/bibs, woundcare and a unique offering of specialty products.
TMI (Booth No: 123)
UltiMed, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D18-13)
UltiMed provides products for Diabetic (Retail Pharmacy), Med/Surg (Acute Hospital, Physician Office, Nursing Home), Veterinarian Market
Umbra Medical Products, Inc. (Booth No: 16 / D04)
Cardiovascular Interventional product line used in the Cath Lab and Interventional Radiology.
Vocera (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Vocera® provides solutions that enable healthcare operations to streamline staff communication and improve operational workflows. The Vocera portfolio of solutions allows team members and groups to communicate instantly and effortlessly via voice, text, or other messaging. Vocera also connects clinicians to multiple alarm and alert systems in the patient environment.
Weaver and Company (Booth No: 16 / C04)
Nuprep Skin Prep Gel effectively lowers impedance to improve your tracings. Its mild abrasive formula improves conductivity and helps achieve maximum efficiency with your equipment. Ten20 Conductive Paste contains the right balance of adhesiveness and conductivity, enabling the electrodes to remain in place while allowing the transmittance of electrical signals.

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